From The United Methodist Video Channel

To Everything There is a Season: A United Methodist Meditation

United Methodist Communications offers a video featuring the words of Ecclesiastes 3, verses 1-8, accompanied by images taken by photographers from various United Methodist agencies and conferences. These phrases from Scripture can inspire more reflection or spark discussion about the phases we face in life, and how we perceive God’s presence in good times and bad. You are encouraged to share or download this video to use in Sunday School classes, before or during worship, or with your friends and family.

Methodism’s American Saint: Bishop Francis Asbury

He’s been called the architect of the American Methodist Church. Francis Asbury spent 45 years carrying his message, usually on horseback and through rough terrain, across the American territories. He died on March 31, 1816 and within 75 years of his death, his efforts had helped make Methodism the largest church body in America.

Methodist History: Early Voice for Women’s Rights

She may not be a household name now, but Methodist reformer Frances Willard was once the president of the largest woman’s organization in the United States. She was a force in the late 19th century seeking voting rights, better conditions for women, and even full representation in the Methodist Church. One pastor in Ohio was quoted as saying, “God, Buffalo Bill, and Frances Willard were the three most wonderful people on earth.”

Kathryn Maurer: Methodist Angel Greeted Immigrants

From 1910 to 1940, one million immigrants were processed through the port of San Francisco. It is estimated that half of them were detained for inspection at Angel Island for stays ranging from one night to two years time. A Methodist deaconess devoted her life to welcoming these new Americans. This video introduces us to an important woman in the history of the USA and also The United Methodist Church.