During this time we are gathering for worship Sunday mornings via an online video call. This allows us to connect through a computer, smart phones, and a landline for those that do not have electronic devices.

If you would like to join our worship please email our Pastor at
warwickumcpastor@gmail.com so the login information can be sent to you.
Please invite your friends to join us as all are welcome.

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To access our Facebook page, click here. You do not need a Facebook account to follow along.

Read letter from Thomas J. Bickerton, Resident Bishop, click here.

You are truly welcome at Warwick United Methodist Church!

We welcome you in the precious name of Jesus Christ our risen Lord! In the day when hospitality is almost a lost attitude, with all of our busy-ness, we neglect to welcome one another into our churches, homes and lives. Thankfully, we can know and experience the love and grace of our God who welcomes us in His Son, Jesus Christ our LORD. As recipients of God’s grace, we seek to welcome one another and others to be part of this wonderful family of God.   

Warwick United Methodist Church
135 Forester Avenue
Warwick, NY 10990
tel: 845.986.1030

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